Hearing assessments

Hearing Assessments

Background: obtaining a detailed medical and hearing history.

Video otoscopy: A fibre optic camera is inserted into the ear canal to determine the health of the ear canal and eardrum. The view will be displayed on a screen so that the client can also see the condition of their ear canals.

Tympanometry: This tests the function of the eardrum and middle ear. The results of this test can show how well the eardrum and middle ear bones are moving and therefore their effect on a client’s hearing.

Hearing assessment: Determining the client’s ability to hear various pure tones, which will show the quietest sounds that a client can hear in each ear. This is carried out using both ear tips or earphones and a bone conductor, which tests the inner ears on their own.

Speech testing: Measure how effectively a client can understand speech in quiet and noisy environments. These results can be useful to determine the level.

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