What Happens When You Get New Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are electronic devices placed in or around your ear to help you hear better. There's a microphone that picks up sounds, an amplifier to adjust sounds, and a speaker that delivers sounds to your inner ear. If you are curious about trying hearing aids or planning to get new ones, here are four things you need to know.

Get Your Hearing Aids Fitted

Before leaving the office with your new hearing aids, hearing care professionals will conduct a fitting session. Your hearing professional will ensure your hearing aids are working correctly and are comfortable for you. The fitting will usually test the amplification levels of your hearing aids and check how well you hear soft sounds and sounds in noisy areas.

There is an Adjustment Period

Some people get used to their hearing aids right away. However, most will need an adjustment period so your brain can remember how to process the sounds it can hear again. You should expect to get used to your new hearing aids within a few weeks.

There Shouldn't Be Any Side Effects

Besides adjusting to your hearing aids, you shouldn't experience any other side effects. They should be comfortable, so you might even forget you have them on. Make sure to remove your hearing aids and contact your hearing care professional immediately if you experience any of the following:

● Pain

● Bleeding

● Soreness

● Skin irritation

You will also want to get your hearing aids checked if your own voice sounds too loud, you hear a buzzing noise, or you hear any feedback sounds, such as whistling.

Expect to Hear Better

Although hearing aids are not a magical cure for perfect hearing, they will significantly improve your hearing abilities and quality of life. You will be able to hear soft sounds around you, such as the leaves rustling in the wind or birds chirping. You can also expect to hear louder sounds such as car engines easily and comfortably. If these loud sounds are painful, contact your hearing care professional or speak with Simon and the team here at South West Hearing Care.

Final Thoughts

Getting new hearing aids can take time to adjust to, but they will improve your hearing abilities almost immediately. They should be comfortable with no side effects. Remember, even people who hear well without hearing aids can sometimes miss words in a conversation, especially in noisy environments. However, if you experience anything significantly out of the ordinary, make sure to contact your hearing professional for assistance. We would love to help you and assist in your hearing journey, please get in touch with us today to book your hearing test or ear wax removal appointment with our friendly team.

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