"I was most impressed by my consultation with everything so well explained, the friendly professional advice, and not least by the fact I can now hear again. As we left your shop on the day my aids were fitted and joined the traffic in the car, I asked my husband "What is that ticking noise?" I had never heard the car's indicators before….. It’s a new world!! Thank you."

"Thank you for all your help and advice for choosing my new hearing aids which give me a much clearer sound - I can now understand what people are saying regardless of background noise and hear the TV perfectly."
Dr M

"I thought I would write to thank you so much for your gentle care and attention to my ears with wax removal. You are perfect for the role. I actually enjoyed every second of having that old wax pulled from my ears!
Thank you very much
Best wishes"


“I was met with kindness, understanding and professionalism. I now have an INVISIBLE aid tailored to me that is easy to manage. Thank you for
making this leap so pleasant”

Mrs P

“Highly professional and helpful, although I didn’t need the procedure I expected, so NO CHARGE for examination & advice: VERY IMPRESSIVE!”
Mr B